366 Days of ART – Part 7.

Digital Art. I simply had to include a series of digital paintings and concept design to welcome my Wacom companion in this daily rituals ! This is the last series of my yearly 366 Days of Art. Happy New Year to ALL !!! Want to send a big Thanks and Hugs to each and everyone of you who sent me so much love, likes, feedback and support on all my posts on Facebook and Instagram!

366 Days of ART – Part 6.

Portrait Painting. I want to paint men and women with that something of the external which the halo used to symbolize, and which we now seek to give by the actual radiance and vibrancy of our colorings.- Vincent Van Gogh

366 Days of ART – Part 5.

Inktober 2016 –

Once they all believed in dragons

When the world was fresh and young,Inktober
We were woven into legends,
Tales were told and songs were sung,
We were treated with obeisance,
We were honored, we were feared,
Then one day they stopped believing–
On that day, we disappeared.
Now they say our time is over,
Now they say we’ve lived our last,
Now we’re treated with derision
Where once we ruled unsurpassed.
We must make them all remember,
In some way we must reveal
That our spirit lives forever–
We are dragons! We are real!
-Jack Prelutsky


366 Days of Art Challenge Part 4: Year 2016

Urban Sketching has always been a fascinating subject and I think there is no better time than this to get my hands on it! As I am living, breathing and traveling around in Tokyo, this would be a perfect way to catch up with this challenge as I explore the city!

366 Days of Art Challenge Part 3: Year 2016

Brushing my Oil Skills here, one object at a time. Still-life painting is a fascinating subject in itself.
Many of the problems that arise when painting landscapes can be solved by practicing still life.
It also helps us prepare before we start painting outdoors. Keeping my palette limited and board handy as i will be travelling around a lot next month!

366 Days of Art Challenge Part 2: Year 2016

This is Part 2 of my yearly journey. This time focusing on anatomy study.

366 Days of Art Challenge Part 1: Year 2016

I have taken 366 Days of Daily Art Challenge to help myself keep doodling, drawing, or painting any kind of art i want on a regular basis. I am taking this opportunity to draw everything I have always wanted to draw. Be it Fan Art, Original Concepts or just random illustrations. To breath Art every living day of my life. Also hoping this will help me grow a lot … maybe find my own style.

InkTober 2015 – Monsters in my Head

InktoberThe InkTober initiative was taken by an artist named Mr. Jake Parker. He originally created InkTober in 2009 as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. The idea went viral and has since grown into a worldwide endeavour with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year. This year, I am one of them to take on the challenge.

About the Challenge : Every October, artists all over the world do one ink drawing a day the entire month.
I decided to blog about my ink drawings as it turned out to be an interesting journey for me. I have always wanted to incorporate drawing in my everyday schedule and make it more like a habit. I used this opportunity to make my own concepts and finally get them on paper. These creatures have been lingering in the deep recesses of my mind for a long time. Like they were having a secret party in my own backyard.
This exercise is also helping me overcome my fear of using ink… with every creature I get more and more comfortable with ink. Taking less help from the pencil. It’s definitely built my confidence. To my surprise, it wasn’t very difficult for me to come up with everyday subjects. I wanted to draw creepy, surreal and eccentric creatures. They keep floating around in my dreams for as long as I remember. It seems I found the perfect time to do this as it’s Halloween month!
Thank you for stopping by. I hope these creatures are a treat to your eyes and will hopefully give you the same inspiration as they are giving me.

Painting the Roses Red

“Enticed” work in progress

Been working on a series of oil painting project called ‘Forest Spirits’. Here is one piece titled “Enticed” from the series. Its an 8″ x 8″ size Canvas panel. Here’s a quick work in progress compilation. Plz check the Gallery for the finished artwork. Its my first attempt at painting roses and it was really challenging. The Floral fantasy character symbolizes the nature’s mysterious side mesmerizing the butterfly, is pretty much reflecting the idea behind this collection. Can’t wait to start working on my next piece. Thanks and pls feel free to share ideas or post questions related to my process, art or life in general !

 Back to Painting

Fade Away


It’s been quiet some time I have been busy with Digital Painting Projects and almost ignored my love for traditional art. So now that i have my setup ready, I decided to throw some paint around and see where it goes. Feels like I’m at a turning point with my art, in terms of what I want to focus on. But before everything else, its really important to have a good Art Setup…by that i mean a desk with all your art material on and around it. It will not only inspire you to draw more but also you don’t want to start digging your cupboard for brushes when the creative bug is knocking on the door. Its always good to be prepared. I have been jumping between different mediums a lot lately,but for now i am gonna try oils !







For starters I got myself a customized set of brushes, they need not be specifically for oils… me likes using soft bristle brushes used for watercolor painting, they have a nice scope for blending and mixing , the usual oil painting brushes help me to cover larger areas of my painting while leaving nice brush stroke textures. I will be doing some practice sessions on Oil Paper before I get my hands on Canvas, so look out for some oil paintings coming soon! Hopefully I can share some of my process too but I am still working on how to go about it !