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Fade Away


It’s been quiet some time I have been busy with Digital Painting Projects and almost ignored my love for traditional art. So now that i have my setup ready, I decided to throw some paint around and see where it goes. Feels like I’m at a turning point with my art, in terms of what I want to focus on. But before everything else, its really important to have a good Art Setup…by that i mean a desk with all your art material on and around it. It will not only inspire you to draw more but also you don’t want to start digging your cupboard for brushes when the creative bug is knocking on the door. Its always good to be prepared. I have been jumping between different mediums a lot lately,but for now i am gonna try oils !







For starters I got myself a customized set of brushes, they need not be specifically for oils… me likes using soft bristle brushes used for watercolor painting, they have a nice scope for blending and mixing , the usual oil painting brushes help me to cover larger areas of my painting while leaving nice brush stroke textures. I will be doing some practice sessions on Oil Paper before I get my hands on Canvas, so look out for some oil paintings coming soon! Hopefully I can share some of my process too but I am still working on how to go about it !

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