The ArtistAnisha Nagpurkar ♣
Fantasy Concept Artist, 3DSculptor, Oil Painter, Illustrator, Creative Designer, Art Maker, Dreamer, Spiritualist…

Being an emerging Artist I find myself in the midst of fantasy wonderlands. I am always motivated to create something and love the scope of unleashing my creativity though Painting and Design. Me absolutely loves Fantasy Art, Oil Painting and Science fiction illustrations.

I till date have no idea what will inspire me, it can happen anywhere anytime, sometimes it comes from the music i am listening to or taking a walk into the wild, or just sitting between all the art-supplies holding the bottles of paint, being curious about the tiny details in the world around, where each small speck may hold a universe within.

The Violet Wall symbolizes the beginning of my journey, when I was very very young and decided to drop my drawing book and instead paint on these huge Violet walls of my house. I feel this leap is such a defining moment in everyone’s life and its up to us if we choose to keep painting on these walls.

Tools I use : Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Paper, Pencil, Paints & Palette

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